Cake Decorating Turntable, 360 Degree Rotation with Removable Bottom, Plastic, 28 cm Diameter

  • This cake turn table is bestseller amongst the all types due to cost effective design. Long lasting, durable, food grade plastic material. No dangerous parts
  • Comes with non-sticky, easy to clean, non-slip surface along with non-slip base with ultra 360 degree smooth rotation in both sides
  • Ideal for cake decoration, icing, display, serving, borders, combing, levelling and other decoration works
  • Cake Turntable Diameter: 28 cm and Height: 7 cm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Cake Decorating Turntable (28 cm). Colour may vary slightly as per stock availability

Cake Decorating Icing Nozzles, Set of 9 Pieces, Different Designs, Steel Nozzles

  • Variety of nozzle designs such as 3/4/5 star, rose petal, twisted star, shell, leaf, hook, etc
  • Good quality steel material for nozzles
  • Great for decorating cakes, muffins, cupcakes and cookies professionally
  • Washable And Re-Usable nozzles. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for Sugar crafting u0026amp; Icing

Cake Mould Set, Nonstick Coated Set of 3 Shapes, Baking Pan with Detachable Bottom, Shapes- Heart, Round and Square

  • Non-stick material and spring latch with detachable bottom allowing easy removal of cake base after baking. Quick, easy and convenient to clean
  • Three shapes in one set- square shape, round shape and heart shape
  • Sizes: square shape (23 cm x 23 cm), round shape (diameter is 21 cm) and heart shape (19 cm x 16 cm); Height : 6.5 cm
  • You can make base for all type of cakes such as normal base, chocolate base, vanilla base, etc
  • Oven Safe, Microwave Safe, Pressure Cooker Safe, Freezer Safe

Silicone Chocolate Heart Shape Mould- 15 Cavities, Brown Colour

  • Made of 100 % food-grade silicone material. This has advantage over the plastic moulds which easily get damaged. Non stick finish allowing easy removal of chocolate pieces after setting. Get clear shapes compared to plastic moulds. No damage to chocolates after removal
  • No peculiar smell, soft, flexible, waterproof, easy to demould, fadeless and easy to clean, durable for long time use. Microwave safe, OTG safe, long term and durable material
  • These silicone moulds are perfect for making chocolates, crayons, candles, hard candy, fondant, jellys, frozen yogurt treats, ice cubes with fruit juice, cake decorations, etc
  • Tray Size: Length 21 cm x Width 10.5 cm x 1.8 cm and Single Cavity Size: Top Width 3 cm x Length 2.5 cm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Mould with 15 cavities of heart shape design as shown in picture

Cookie Cutters, Stainless Steel, Shapes- Heart, Star, Round, Flower, 4 Shapes x 3 Pieces Each – Set of 12

  • Suitable for making cookies, various shapes tikki, various fondant shapes, ideal for cake decorating, fondant icing, clay modelling, etc
  • Good quality stainless steel preferred over plastic and aluminum because of sturdy design
  • Shapes- Heart, Star, Round, Flower shape cookie cutters
  • Size: Heart: 6.5 cm, 5 cm, 3.5 cm width; Star: 7.5 cm, 6 cm, 4.5 cm; Round: 5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm; Flower: 7 cm, 5.5 cm, 4.5 cm
  • Package Contents: 4 Shapes x 3 pieces each – Set of 12-Pieces Cookie Cutters

Measuring Cups and Spoons- Set of 8-Pieces, Different Sizes, Plastic, Black

  • Four spoons: 1/4, 1/2 and 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon. Four cups: 1/4, 1/2, 2/3 and 1 cup = Set of 8. Each spoon and cup comes clearly mentioned size on it
  • Very useful in baking as we need precise measurement of of ingredients. This increases accuracy in measurement. We also get consistent quality of the product
  • Color: Black, Material: High quality durable plastic. Mat finish for perfect grip. Long and strong handle
  • Handwash recommended. Dishwasher safe
  • Package Contents: 4-Piece Spoons, 4-Piece Cups and 1-Piece Holder. Designed for both right and left-handed use

Cake Scrappers for Icing, Set of 4-Pieces, Different Designs, Plastic, White

  • Different curvature designs on each scrapper edge for different side designs on the cakes. Also can be used for smoothening the surface of the cake
  • Good quality glossy surface finished strong quality plastic material for smoother designs on the cake
  • Size of each scrapper: 11 cm x 7.5 cm; Color: white
  • Handwash recommended. Dishwasher safe. Make stunning designs easily. Any beginner can make attractive designs with the help of these scrappers
  • Package Contents: 4-Pieces Cake Scrapper

Cupcake Tray, Nonstick Coated Steel, 6-Slots Muffin Tray/Baking Tray, Black

  • Non-stick material allowing easy removal of cupcakes after baking. Uniform heating for better baking quality
  • Total 6 slots/cups in a Tray. Round Shape as Shown in Image. Food grade sturdy material
  • Sizes: Length 26 cm, Width 18 cm, Height 3 cm. Cupcake height: 3 cm. Package Content: One Tray with 6 Cupcake Slots
  • Specially made for household use. Quick, easy and convenient to clean. Dishwasher safe
  • Baking cupcakes in round shape for brownies, rice crispy treats, fruit loop, muffin, deep bun, doughnut for school trips, parties, birthday, festivals and many more occasions

Cake/Fondant Decoration Tools, Carving Bone/Clay/Sugarcraft Modelling Tools, Plastic, Different Shapes, Set of 8 Pieces

  • The kit contains 8 pieces of cake sculpting tools. These are double ended stickes with 8 x 2 = 16 different shapes
  • These are also called Carving Bone or Clay or Sugarcraft Modelling Tools
  • Ideal for use with sugar paste (rolled fondant), petal paste (gum paste), marzipan or craft clays
  • Color: yellow / green / purple / blue (as per availability). Length: 14 to 16 cm
  • Package Contents: Set of 8 double ended (16 shapes) modeling tools