Flexible Cake Scrapers – Set of 9-Pieces

  • Different curvature designs on each scraper edge for different side designs on the cakes. Also can be used for smoothening the surface of the cake. There are different designs such as zig zag shape, sharp edge, plane edges on each scraper and serrated edges help to make stunning designs on cakes, pastries, breads, etc
  • Good quality plastic polypropylene (PP) material for smoother designs on the cake. Decorate your cakes with gear shapes, make line designs very easily. These scrapers are also called as toothed scrapers and plain scrapers.
  • Made of food grade PP, Soft non-toxic and harmless, safe for use, Color: Transparent white
  • Handwash recommended. Dishwasher safe. Make stunning designs easily. Any beginner can make attractive designs with the help of these scrapers
  • Package Contents: 9-Pieces Different Designs Flexible Cake Scraper Set
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With the help of the set of nine zig zag, saw tooth, plain design scrapers you can make stunning designs within seconds on the surface and side of the birthday, anniversary, party cakes. With the help of flexible scrapers you can maintain uniformity in the design. Cakes look professionally prepared. Home bakers can take advantage of selling professionally made cakes. Package contains nine different designs of the scrapers. You can cover variety of the designs with help of this set of scrapers. These cake sculpting tools, you get an advantage of being professional baker due to attractive and uniform designs. The material is food grade and durable.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1 cm