Cake Tin Set- Nonstick Coated Heart, Round and Square Shapes with Detachable Bottom

  • Non-stick material and spring latch with detachable bottom allowing easy removal of cake base after baking. Quick, easy and convenient to clean
  • Three shapes in one set- square shape, round shape and heart shape
  • You can make base for all type of cakes such as normal base, chocolate base, vanilla base, etc
  • Oven Safe, Pressure Cooker Safe, Freezer Safe
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This non-stick cake mould set allows you make all three basic designs required in cake baking i.e. square shape, round shape and heart shape. The non-stick material helps you to easily remove the cake base after baking in the oven. You can use this product in microwave oven, OTG oven and pressure cooker too. The spring latch clip provided allows you to remove the bottom plate of mould helping you to remove cake base easily without any hassle maintaining your base shape intact. You can bake any type and flavor cake base in this mould such as vanilla base, chocolate flavor base, simple base, etc. Ideal for those who are fed up of sticking their base to cake moulds after baking; this is perfect solution

Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 7 cm