Cake Tin- Heart Shape for One kg Cake

  • Tin / Moulds are of anodized aluminium material. This aluminium is commonly used material for baking as it is ideal for uniform baking and easy removal of cake sponge
  • The heart shape cake mould is preferred sometimes as some cake shapes can be made only with heart pans like anniversary cakes, wedding cakes, etc.
  • You can make base for all type of cakes such as normal base, chocolate base, vanilla base, etc. Oven Safe, Microwave Safe, Pressure Cooker Safe, Freezer Safe
  • This cake tin is ideal for making one kg heart shape cake (weight is approximate considering whip cream and decorative material)
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This is ideal cake tin / cake mould for making cake sponge or cake base. The sponge is usually made with batter made up of premix or maida + condensed milk and poured in this heart tin / mould / cake pan. This heart shape mould containing above batter is baked in OTG oven or Mircowave oven. Remember to use microwave oven in convection mode. You can also use regular pressure cooker for baking. Use it at low flame. Once sponge is made heart cake mould it is cut in layers and icing is done in every layer. You can make black forest cake, pineapple cake, butterscotch cake with the heart shape cake base.