Bajaj Hand Mixer / Blender / Beater – 250 Watt

  • 250W Bajaj hand mixer / hand blender / beater for whip cream preparation
  • Mix, knead, whip, mash and blend ingredients using 3 speed hand mixer. You can make cakes, pancakes, mashed potatoes, fluffy dough, blend soups
  • Beater hooks are ideal for mixing heavy ingredients and kneading hooks are ideal for kneading cookie or cake batter
  • Lightweight, easy cleaning, ergonomic design. Two different beater designs.
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Hand blender is essential item in the home bakers kitchen. This is used for thickening the whipping cream which we get in market in liquid form. For cakes we need thick cream which can then be put inside the icing bag and we make beautiful designs with nozzles. For good thickness of whip cream, we need to have hand blender which has wattage capacity around 250 to 300 W. This hand blender is best seller and has wattage capacity of 250W. Therefore this is most sought after hand blender in the market. Those who are looking for long term and quality product must go for this instead of local made cheap hand blenders available in market.